Sunday, September 9, 2012

Travel Tips for Gladney Families

Since Gladney families like to follow one another's blogs, I thought I'd post a few traveling tips that are not in your travel packet. They may be personal opinions, but nevertheless...

1.) The Garden Hotel has a beautiful swimming pool. Bring swimsuits, if it's summer.
2.) The travel guide warns not to overpack. Once you get to China, you'll want to buy a few souvenirs and things for your child. So, we bought a very large suitcase in Shanghai for Mia's things as well as for souvenirs. This suitcase would count as her check-in luggage. We weighed them in the hotel and they were all just under the 40 lb limit for in-country travel. Remember the international travel limit is 50 lbs, but in country is a 40 lb limit. Buying a suitcase for her once we were in Shanghai was an awesome decision.
3.) Having laundry done at the hotel (both at Shanghai and Guangzhou) is extremely expensive. It was going to be about $60 for a few outfits. I could buy new clothes for that! So, I wish we would have brought a few more lightweight t-shirts or casual shirts and more underwear.
4.) In Guangzhou, Jack, our assistant, knew of someone who would come pick up our laundry and deliver it the next day for less than half of the price of the hotel. So that's what we did.
5.) There have been several times I could have used zip lock bags. Both sandwich size and gallon size.
6.) The travel guide says bring a poncho AND an umbrella. So, bring a poncho AND an umbrella. If you've read our blog, you know why. The agenda doesn't stop because it rains. And there is a good chance you will be a mile away (walking) from the hotel when it begins to rain. You will be much drier with a poncho. You can buy them folded up in a small package so they won't take up space. Too bad you don't have room for rainboots.
7.) If adopting an older child, go to bed when he/she goes to bed. Translating via body language, trying to bond, etc. is all very tiring. So, we slept more hours than usual and felt rested in the mornings.

I'll post again if I think of other things!

And, by the way, we have been to both Ethiopia and China with Gladney. Both have been awesome. Everything runs like a well-oiled machine. Drivers and assistants take care of everything, are always on time, and are available if you need anything! I have had absolutely no complaints about the entire process, both in and out of country. This time I have been much more aware of all of the "behind the scenes" work that must happen for us to bring home our children. They have it down to a fine art. You are blessed to be with Gladney!

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