Monday, September 10, 2012

Day 8: The Funniest Thing I've Ever Seen

Today was a fun day. We went to the zoo. Normal zoo except for one small part. The kiddie pool. Yes, the kiddie pool. Where toddlers swim right? Well, kind of. In this wading pool, 2-5 year olds chase goldfish with a small net. Whatever they catch, they can keep. The funny part...most of the kids were completely naked!! Hilarious! Running around naked trying to catch goldfish. I'll never forget it.

Later Gary took Mia swimming while I went to the supermarket across the street. Big department store...very fancy...Fendi, Armoni, etc., but on the second floor is a huge supermarket. American brands that are not produced in the US are very expensive. Swiss Miss Chocolate packets were $5.00 (31 yuan).  But locally produced items are much cheaper than in America. I just get a little tired of trying to convert $ to yuan!

On my way to get dinner (take out since Mia is tired of walking and complains the whole time), I did a little shopping in a kids clothing store. I tried not to laugh out loud as I read the shirts with English writing. "I Beautiful Girl" and "Momma Poppa Girl." There were a few shirts that were misspelled so badly I couldn't decide what they were trying to say. And that's bad...I'm an expert at reading kindergartener's writing and I couldn't read this! I did find a cute shirt for Mia (I didn't bring many clothes for her and one of the shirts has glitter on it that upsets her skin condition). It was 39 yaun...about $6. Old Navy prices! :)

Kennady did great at her cross country meet. She took a full minute off of her time. Hated that I wasn't there. Ava has been a little better...keep praying. She asked this morning on Skype "When are you coming home?" If she only knew how badly we want to come home!! Landon sends me funny messages on Skype...we love that. And I'm really missing Carson since we're not seeing him on Skype. Going to check in with Andee tomorrow and see how he's doing. Momma's aren't designed to be away from their kids for two weeks! I hate it.

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