Wednesday, September 5, 2012

DAY 2: Adoption Finalized

When Mia woke up, she look right at me and jumped into our bed and gave me a big hug. What a relief to see her so happy! We got to Skype with the kids and even took the iPad downstairs to breakfast and Skyped while we ate! The kids got to see the "yummy" breakfast Mia was having. Peanuts, rice, and shredded (and somewhat feathery) pork sprinkled on everything. Gary is trying the new foods. I, on the other hand, had pancakes, rice, and noodles. I do not eat foods that I cannot identify!

We met Alice after breakfast and went to a few government offices to finalize documents, take family pictures as part of the documents, and meet some officials for interview. We were given all of Mia's information and papers. We were given the letter that was left with her when she was abandoned at the hosptial. The offical translated it for us. I cried. We were asked to promise that we would never abuse, neglect, or abandon her...that we would treat her as biological from now on.

There was a lot of riding in the van today. And the driving reminded us a lot of Ethiopia. Crazy. No rules. Cut people off...including the hundreds of pedestrians on bicyles! So, Mia got car sick and rode most of the way with a plastic bag in her lap. It was pouring rain when Alice took us for shopping at The People's Square. Very westernized. Got Mia some lotion for her skin condition. It is very scaly around her torso. She doesn't complain, but it looks pretty bad. We ate at Burger King! I've never enjoyed a fast food hamburger so much! Of course, Alice went around the corner for Chinese. But Mia had no trouble inhaling a cheeseburger! :)

I didn't know the driver was gone for the day and that Alice would be walking us back to the hotel. "It is a close walk," she said. A close walk in Shanghai means something totally different than a close walk in the US!! And it was pouring rain! I bet we were 2 miles from the hotel! And NO ONE WEARS RAINBOOTS! Alice said it rains all the time, but everyone throws on a poncho and rides their bikes or motor scooters like it's a normal sunny day. Same shoes, same clothes. Just soaking wet. How miserable!

Back at the hotel we changed into dry clothes and decided to stay in for dinner. Gary went around the corner to the "EZ Mart" where we ate the day before and ordered take-out. Mia was in bed and asleep at 7:30. Two days straight without the 2-hour nap she is used to was a bit much.

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