Monday, September 10, 2012

Day 9: Reality Sets In, And It's Very Sad

This morning we Skyped with the Cobbs. So happy to see them and they were so excited to meet Mia. I told her "friend" in Chinese and she understood. She got her photo album of her foster family and showed the Cobbs. Then she spent the next 15-20 minutes looking through the pictures. She started pretend crying and kicking on the bed like she was a baby throwing a fit. She was smiling and and acting like she was playing, but I knew she was hurting. We went downstairs for breakfast and everything seemed fine. We always talk to other couples who are adopting, and the couple we met today lives in Springdale!! By Smith Elementary!! That was a little weird! Luckily we didn't run into any other SEC couples. So embarrassed that the Hogs lost.

Jack picked us up to go back to the medical clinic to have her TB test read. When we got back in the van to go to a children's park and popular tourist attraction, she started to get very quiet and wouldn't move. When I asked her what was wrong, she started crying. And cried hard. Big tears. Loud cry. No movement, just crying. So I started crying. I knew what was wrong. And a piece of me was relieved that she was actually processing everything. And Jack was so helpful and compassionate. He just told her "It's ok. It's ok." And we patted her. He told us just to let her cry, that it was good for her. Everything she has ever known is changing and she knows it. She knows she'll never see her foster family again. And she loves them dearly. She finally slowed her cry enough to look up and notice that I was crying. I asked if I could hold her and she jumped in my lap and hugged me tight. She kept looking at me. I told Jack to tell her why I was crying. He told her that we understood her hurt and that she was going to have so much fun with her siblings in the US. But for now, it's ok to cry. She stopped, I continued. I wasn't sure I was going to be able to pull it together. All I could compare it to was Carson. He is 7 like her. What would he do if he was taken from us and given to a Chinese family? Clothes look and smell different, given a new name, new expectations, new way of doing things. And soon, a new country where everything looks and smells differently. So I just held her tight while she kept checking to make sure I was ok and I prayed that God would fill the void that she's feeling. Only He can meet a need like that. She smiled at me several times. It must have felt good to know her mother was grieving with her. I hope so.

She didn't want to get out of the van when we arrived at our destination. But she wanted Gary to hold her instead of Jack. That was comforting. We went into a souvenir shop and she was immediately drawn to some toys. We bought some, of course. She started playing and before long she was back to normal, thanks be to God.

Jack took us to lunch at a place called Lucy's. Chinese and Western foods. Again...a little laughter...ABBA and The Carpenters played in the restaurant while we ate in front of a huge poster of Elvis.

 I love the parks in China. First of all, there are tons of greenery and flowers. Gardens and parks are the same thing. Jack said the government takes pride in the parks and because no one lives in houses, they have no place at home to go outside. So they beautify their parks. There are groups of people in every park we have been to that are either playing cards, hacky sack (especially the elderly!!), singing, and tai chi. Jack says they do it for exercise and relaxation. And to have a place to meet together. So neat.

Took Mia swimming for two hours and visited with other families at the pool. One family adopting their 3rd special needs girl from China. 3 biological boys. 6 kids total. One of the girls severly disabled, nonverbal and can't walk. Newest adopted girl is 6 and has cerebal palsy. What a special family. And precious girls. 

I'm not used to a 5 star hotel. Drinks and towels brought to me at the pool. Men in suit and tie checking the pool to make sure it is perfect. There's even someone standing at the elevators to have and elevator open by the time you get there! Of course, Gary always has a remark to make everywhere we go. Keeps me laughing.

Time for bed. It's been an emotional day, but God is good.

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