Thursday, September 6, 2012

DAY 3 - Sightseeing

Today was fun. No paperwork. Just sightseeing while we wait for her passport. We saw the Shanghai Buddhist Temple and Gardens. Funny...the temple is actually traditional Chinese buildings with the funky roof but it is an outdoor shopping strip. We bought souvenirs for the kids. 
We ate Chinese...surprise...and I could hardly look at Alice's plate. Unidentified meat wrapped in soft squishy noodle. It wasn't as bad, though, as the gal sitting behind me that had a STRAW IN HER NOODLE!! That's just wrong.

 After shopping, we went into a beautiful garden.  Mia rode the swings and a roller coaster, laughing the entire time. Then, long walk home and to bed. No Skype tonight. Kids are getting ready for school when we are getting ready for bed. I miss them soooo much, but Skype really helps.  I am ready to go home!!

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